Oakland Museum 

Team outing to visit Oakland's Museum featuring sneakers, black panthers and natural history.  

Secret Band @ The Boardwalk

Secret band includes members of Dance Gavin Dance. It was a secret we had behind Jonny's back. Now he knows about it.

PORTLANDIA, Oregon 2015

"You’ll wonder why you don’t live in Portland after you’ve visited this laid-back and creative city. With a reputation for manicured parks, eclectic nightlife, fine micro-breweries / distilleries, and nature that cuts right into the city, Portland’s a Pacific Northwest must-visit." (I stole from some website, but it's so true).

BIG SUR, CAlifornia 2015

Big Sur was so much more than I had ever expected, it's one of those places that... no matter where you point the camera... you'll end up with a great photo. 

Team Offsite – Santa Cruz, California 2014

Spent the day with the "Identity" team on the open waters of the Santa Cruz ocean... 

Martin's Bachelors Party – Calaveras County, California 2014

Celebrating my besties last chance as a single bachelor... 

Miami, Florida 2014

From street art, cuban food, jungle animals and insane flash floods... Miami is hot fire.