Affine Systems (DEC 2008 - MAR 2011)

"SET's (formally Affine Systems) advanced facial recognition, motion tracking, and scene analysis capabilities allow you to make informed decisions about how and where to run your video ad campaigns."

During my 3 years at Affine Systems... I've had the honor of working with such companies as Youtube/Google, HBO, Playstation, Sesame Street, Sony, Microsoft, ProFlowers, Lexus, Cathay Pacific, DHL. I remember partnering with Youtube to pilot the first ever contextual pre-roll ad banner... helping to define best practices and creative requirements. I soon realized this team/company needed a design partner thru-out all the steps of the incubator phase. I had many responsibilities including establishing their company identity, creating marketing site and promotional materials to convey the value of Affine Systems. I worked closely with VCs from Highland Capital Partners to mold the brand and help within each step of funding (pitch decks, educational pamphlet, cleaned up slides, etc.). Our company was acquired by Conversant shortly after re-branding to

Assets created for Affine Systems:
Brand safety for Partners: Affine / SafeStream (.pdf)
Pitchdesk for Investors: Affine Investor Overview (.ppt)
RFP for Lexus: Affine / Lexus (.pdf)
Case study for Clients: Affine / Sesame Street (.pptx)

"Overlay ads have been around for a long time on YouTube and other video networks. YouTube constantly refines the types of overlay ads it shows, but many of the small businesses which typically advertise on Google AdWords don't have the tools to create Flash overlay ads.