David & Emilia


I’m a Principal Designer at LinkedIn currently on the Design Systems team.

My role covers all aspects of the design process; from product strategy, interaction, visual design, and working cross functionality to ensure our platform strategies align with our brand principles. 

At work I…

  • Build native design/development; foundations, components, framework patterns.

  • Collaborate with wide-variety of stakeholders while driving key workflow and deliverables.

  • Design operations to scope and drive results.

Outside work I...

  • Raise my 4mo+ daughter Emilia

  • Grow a container garden in my backyard (tomatoes, peas, berries, figs, kale) all the good stuff.

  • Weekend adventures to Seaside, Carmel, or any west-coast beach.

  • Learn about cool growth companies, ideas, and risky creative bets.

Thanks for stopping by…

Phone: Nine-One-Six (area code), 375-9548

Social accounts: LinkedIn, Instagram, Reddit

Tools & Resources
they dont define me… just add structure, clarity, and deep debate about which is the correct method to design.

Sketch: after Fireworks, Photoshop, and Illustrator, … we needed better workflow, plugins, and processing speeds.
Figma: after Sketch… we needed the same things as Sketch… just with collaboration and animation.
Aftereffects (AUEX, Bodymovin): after Sketch or Figma… we wanted to show animation, but how do engineers work with that?
Protopie: after Aftereffects… we scale and handoff realistic motion spec to engineers, and components for designer interaction.
Codepen: after Protopie, etc… we display demo’s to ensure our partners and ourselves of best practices.
Docs & Spreadsheets: after all those designs and prototypes… we need a place to easily communicate those tasks/status/notes.
Android Studio / xCode: after we think we’re done… we’ll verify the design, component, interactive, accessibility, international-ness, and everything that makes our product shine.

The end / Fin…. ;) (so… cliché)